A Review OF The First Tenure Of The President Donald Trump!


Have an interest in politics? If yes then you will also be excited to find the first year performance of Donald Trump. Evaluating the first year of the president Donald Trump is necessary to find that whether he will succeed to make the United States strong or not at the time of ending up his government.

This current government of the United States will come across lots of new challenges in the future hence the president Donald Trump should have the strong strategy to deal with them.

Neither the first year of the president Donald Trump was a complete failure nor did it turn out to be successful completely. This write-up is worth reading for you because it manifests the unbiased review on the first year of Donald Trump. Following is the review so you should make sure that you take a look at them carefully.

·         The President Donald Trump And Obamacare

Since the beginning, the president Donald Trump is against of Obamacare. It is essential to know that the proper overhaul has got shelved for the time being. Congress is well prepared for striking down the Obamacare mandate in its own package of tax cuts. You may differ from it but it is a fact that the government has confined half of its efforts to name Obamacare unsuccessful.

·         The Criticism Over His Way Of Running Presidency

Some people think that he is the president who runs presidency through tweets and for that he has been criticized throughout the year. They also criticize him over antagonizing the Republican senators despite the fact that he requires their support on legislation. They name his presidency one large self-inflicted wound and with that, they also think that he has failed badly in enacting his own campaign promises. They also say that he also fanned the huge conspiracy flames around his relationship with the government of Russia. He has also made enemies of allies and it will lead the United States to get isolated in the world.

·         His Policies To Strengthen The Economy

According to some financial experts, the economy of the United States roared to life this year. The stock market also soared throughout the year setting great records as the Dow succeeded to top an awesome 24,000 points and with that, the retirement accounts of investors have increased by 20 percent. The unemployment rate has also gone down to 4.1 percent and it was 4.8 when the president Donald Trump took office. If you talk about the jobs so employers are the ones who have come up with 1.7 million jobs in the United States.

·         Ways Donald Trump Can Prove Critics Wrong

The foremost thing is to take some strong steps in order to fulfill every promise he made during a campaign. It is essential to leverage executive powers precisely for pursuing his specific policy agenda. He needs to accelerate efforts for curbing climate change as well as huge-risk financial investments. In the initial days, he issued executive orders for rolling back every single action taken by previous President Obama.

·         He Should Think Of Having A Stable Relationship With The Media

Yes, it is necessary for him to keep a positive and good relation with media otherwise he will fail to focus on fulfilling the promises he made during a campaign. Criticism is what media does and it should not stop the president Donald Trump to make the America great again.


Above-mentioned is a complete review of the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency. You can differ from it but it is a fact that he really wants to make the United States the strong country and all he needs is the great advisors who can assist him in making America great again.

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