5 Things to Know Before Purchasing a Flatbed Trailer


Are you the sort who has a tough time when it comes to picking any stuff when you wish to buy it? Like some people, if you find many options and choices, this can make it quite confusing for you to pick the best option. There can be so many options and you will not be able to make the right choice which one you should buy.

Flatbed Trailer

The same goes for buying a flatbed trailer. You will find a ton of options, specs, and features from the manufacturers you are to buy your trailer from, or the dealer. Know that using a flatbed trailer requires you to use vinyl tarps. The entire trailer load will have protection despite its stocking, this is important to get it to the destination safely. In this article, you will learn about five important things before you buy a flatbed trailer.

1.     Flatbed Trailers Earn You More Money

Compared to a reefer type of trucking or dry van business, operating a flatbed trailer business is undoubtedly more profitable. On average, the trucking companies across the United States operating flatbed loads and freight get the chance to receive up to 20% higher load per the mile prices. Hence, operating in this field is definitely a great way to increase your gross income as well as increase all the profit of your business.

2.     It’s Not Easy to Find Flatbed Loads

You may already know this; there was a massive shortage on the market of trailers due to their high growth of the trucking business and a few changes in the trucking business as well. Back in 2015, if you ordered a flatbed trailer, such as one from Bobby Park, or others, it would take about 12 months for the delivery time. However, the good news is that those times are behind us and there are now many options available when it comes to cheaper price flatbed trailers.

3.     The Length and Width of the Trailer

An important thing you need to know is how long the trailer should be. You have to know the precise length of the goods you are planning to haul, so this should help you make an educated decision on the length you should choose for your cargo. Another thing to consider is the width of the trailer. Often, trailers come in various lengths and widths so you will know exactly how wide the cargo has to be in order to pick the trailer out. Generally, it is advisable to go larger than you need so it could be more than a single usage trailer.

4.     You Need More Experience to Operate Flatbed Trailers

Know that dealing with special loads is not something easy for drivers who have no experience, especially when it comes to carrying many loads that are not easy to handle and very expensive. During the entire process of picking up and driving the vehicle, delivery with flatbed trailers requires focus.

For the best operations, it is important to have trucks drivers who can handle the truck properly. It is best that drivers receive proper understanding of the load, the way the trailer operates, and the best option for easy operations.

5.     Know the Style of the Trailer

Another thing you should know or consider is whether you want a bumper hitch trailer, or a gooseneck trailer style. Bumper hitch is a common one, but they turn and back up harder. Usually, goosenecks are the best ones for loading and delivery needs of businesses.

When it comes to the things to consider when buying flatbed trailers, there are so many considerations available. Before you make the final choice, a word of advice for you is to choose the right dealer to guide you on the most suitable vehicle for your business operations.


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