Struggles with overweight and obesity have resulted in a number of people looking for diet plans that are really effective and that help a person to lose weight quickly. One of the most popular diet programs that have been in demand during the last few decades is the HCG diet programme which was put forth by Dr. A T W Simeons in the year 1954. The pregnancy hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, helps in burning down the fat stored in the body of a woman during pregnancy.

Dr. Simeons conducted certain experiments on boys who suffered from low levels of testosterone. He administered HCG hormones in these boys which resulted in burning up of unwanted fat. This hormone helps to regulate the metabolic process of a person’s body. The experiment helped Dr. Simeons set up the HCG diet plan which allows a person to consume only 500 calories of food per day which, under normal circumstances, is extremely low. But the person who follows this plan does not feel tired or hungry because he/ she take HCG hormones daily through injections or pills which help in burning one’s body fat and supplies them with the required amount of energy without the need to take more food.  The person does not feel hungry or tired in spite of taking 500 calories or less because this is replaced by the energy gained through taking HCG hormones. This, in turn, results in a person losing weight quickly.

Different types of HCG diet plans

Over the years different types of HCG diet programmes have come up and people are likely to be confused while deciding on what to follow. Considering that all these plans work towards the same goal of losing weight, one can choose from among this one that works well with your lifestyle and how much weight you are planning to shed. The expert opinion found on speaks of these different methods by which the HCG hormones can be taken: drops, pills, shots or injections, diet sprays or HCG diet patches.  Depending on what kind of results you expect from your diet and your health condition a professional practitioner can help you decide.

HCG diet plan: Sublingual diet drops

Under this plan, the HCG hormones are administered through sublingual drops. This plan works best when the drops are taken twice a day (a gap of 12 hours) under the tongue. The dosage is higher and you are not supposed to take water or food for at least 15 minutes. Compared to the other HCG plans this one is slightly expensive.

HCG diet plans: Intramuscular injections

This is the original HCG diet plan put forward by Dr. Simeons where the hormone was injected directly into a muscle with a good supply of blood. This method helps to get the hormones into a person’s body quickly. Make sure you get it done by a doctor or at a pharmacy that’s licensed. One of the side effects of this plan is that you could end up with sores.

HCG diet plan: Subcutaneous injections

The HCG hormones are injected into the fat content present in one’s body, in the abdomen or thigh. This method which is quite effective in helping a person lose weight is given using an insulin needle and the HCG hormone used is of pharmacy grade. Take good care to avoid the region around the belly button.

26 days and 40 days kits

The plan for 26 days with 23 injections are given to patients who are looking forward to losing 15 pounds or less and those who wish to lose an amount of weight more than that, has to take the 40 days programme. The HCG programme allows a person to lose up to 34 pounds per course. Treatment needs to be stopped for at least 6 weeks after taking 40 shots or drops the reason being most patients start showing resistance to HCG hormones after 40 days.

How to decide on what HCG plan is best for you?

Fix an appointment with a physician who would help you decide what plan to follow. A detailed history of the patient would be taken including health issues, how long the patient has been suffering from weight gain, if you have been on any other diet programs before, the general pattern of food intake on a day to day basis and so on.

Considering the amount of weight that needs to be shed down and the history taken, the doctor helps the patient decide on the duration of the plan.


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