Annovi Reverberi Pressure Washer Pump Info


    Annovi Reverberi is producing world-class brand new pressure washer water pumps to fill your needs. This company has thought about the products’ quality, services, and stability.

    Model RSV3G31D-F25EZ Pressure Washer Pump 310 0PSI, 3.0 GPM AR is one of these powerful pumps accessible in the current market. This thing works like magic as a good replacement of your old pump in the engine. Change your broken pump and install this high-pressure washerify pump to get your device work again.

    1. This pump is designed to deliver, drive on gasoline engines ranging from 5 – 6.5 H.P. This pump can handle medium to heavy tasks.
    2. Thermal release valve, forged brass cap & valve covers, etc. stories are also available with this pressure washer pump.
    3. To increase the strength, this pump is built with Ceramic painted stainless iron.
    4. Verbatim drive with four bolts, gas mounting flange feature, is also remarkably featured comes with this product.
    5. Annovi Reverberi uses the latest design and technology with this RSV3G31D-F25EZ model pump.
    6. This efficient pump works long time like 500+ hours at maximum performance.
    7. Details of This Pressure Washer Pump:
    8. Annovi Reverberi gives aforementioned RSV3G31D-F25EZ Pressure Washer Pump 3100PSI, 3.0GPM AR to have the status as a top washer pump company.
    9. This series pressure washer pumps are well-prepared and pre-designed to fit almost all motors.
    10. This Triplex plunger pump comes with EZ start feature to quickly start up the engine.

    Compare this pressure washer pump with others, and I hope you will find this one more compelling. RSV3G31D-F25EZ Pressure Washer Pump 3100 PSI, 3.0 GPM AR works at maximum pressure like 3100 PSI. You can spray water at 3 gallons per minute with this pressure washer pump. This pump has 3/4” hollow shaft. Additionally, fits on various popular brands like Generac, Honda, etc. That pump is extremely cost-effective replacement pump of your old pump.

    Specifications of Annovi Reverberi 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Pump:

    • Volume: 3.0 GPM.
    • Discharge Pressure: 3,100 PSI.
    • Pump Speed: 3,400 RPM.
    • Shaft Diameter: 3/4” Hollow.
    • Horsepower Requirements: 8.45 GHP.
    • Fluid Temp.: 140° F.
    • Inlet Port: 3/8″ FPT.
    • Outlet Port: 3/8″ Male NPT.
    • Oil Capacity: 16 oz.
    • Weight: 14.0 lb.


    • Life tested over 500 hours of maximum performance.
    • Directly drives on gasoline engines ranging from 5 – 6.5 h.p.
    • High power rating, which can sustain a pressure limit of 3100 PSI.
    • Serves 3.0 GPM water.
    • Seamless working with powerful performance.
    • Small, light and compact design.
    • Comes with the hollow shaft for high-pressure replacement.
    • EZ feature to quickly start the motor engine.
    • Easy installation.
    • Pre-filled with oil and chemical injection system.


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